It is unmilled TiO2 pigment in GRANULAR FORMS manufactured as per customer requirement.


The pigment is in the form of granules. It is a cost-effective material where fineness is not an important parameter. It is mainly used for applications like ceramics (glazed coating), opaque glasses, pottery, enamels and putty.

Name of Chemical : Titanium Dioxide (Granular Grade)


Characteristics Requirement Typical result
Titanium Dioxide 98.00% (min) 98.25
pH of 10% pigment slurry in distilled water 6 - 8 7.4
Water soluble matter 0.50 % (max) 0.4
Relative density at 27o C 3.7 – 3.9 3.8
Fe 170 (max) 98
Volatile matter at 105ºC 0.50% (max) 0.15


Anatase GR [Anatase Granular Grade Titanium Dioxide]