Corporate sustainability aims at creating long-term value to the stake holders through formulating a business strategy focusing on the internal and external environment the company is residing.
The Company has to continuously and positively interact with its ethical, social, environmental, cultural and economic dimensions of doing business for its long-term sustainability.

Sulphate route of producing Titanium Dioxide results in discharge of effluents carrying sulphuric acid and iron sulphates. The company aims at ‘zero discharge’ policy by implementing an integrated approach for treatment of all its liquid, gaseous and solid pollutants.

The Company has already installed a Neutralization Plant for neutralizing the acidic effluent from the main plant and recycle water back. A copperas Recovery Plant will be commissioned in March 2023 to remove iron content in the effluent to value added product, Copperas (ferrous sulphate heptahydrate).

TTPL has now formulated a Master Plan for sustained growth with an expected investment of around Rs.400 crore to be completed within 5 years. This includes capacity enhancement, value added products and diversified products.

1. Capacity enhancement from 15,000 TPA to 20,000 TPA.

2. Value added products from effluent – Iron oxide pigments, sodium sulphate and Plaster of Paris.

3. Diversified products from titanium dioxide – Pearl pigments, inorganic colored pigments, catalytic titania and lithium titanate (for EV battery)