It is a cost-effective General Purpose TiO2 pigment supplied for applications like paints, plastics, ceramics, detergents, PVC Flooring, artificial leather, etc.
Ajantox- A- ISI pigment conforms to IS 411: 2020 through eleven quality tests for certification. If the material falls short of any of these parameters, it is graded as General Purpose (GP).



Close to IS standards, it is offered as a cost-effective pigment for use in non-decorative Paints, Distemper, Ceramics, Tiles, Cement Paints and Rubber Products, etc.


Chemical name

Titanium dioxide – TiO2
Crystalline structure – Anatase
No surface coating.
CAS No- 1317-70-7



Characteristics Requirement Typical result
Volatile matter at 105ºC 0.50 (max) 0.25
Residue on 45 micron (325 mesh IS sieve) 0.50 % (max) 0.05
Oil absorption 15 -30% 23
Colour in Oil Better to Slightly Inferior Slightly Inferior
Reducing power Better to Slightly Inferior Slightly Inferior
Relative density at 27ºC 3.7 – 3.9 3.76
Water soluble matter 0.70 % (max) 0.5
pH of 20% pigment slurry in distilled water 5.5 – 8.5   7.5
Titanium Dioxide 97.50% (min) 98.0