Potassium Titanate is a high-quality TiO2 compound having high melting point and abrasive resistance making them suitable for vehicle break pad manufacturing where friction stability with gentle behaviour for both wear and noise is highly desirable.


It is high quality titanium-based material, specially designed for welding applications, ceramics, brake pads and other friction materials, plastic modification, rubber modification, high-grade paint, and anti-static special coatings. Used singularly or as a component in welding, friction or plastic industries, ceramics, brake pads etc.

Chemical name

Potassium Titanate / Potassium Titanium Oxide – K2Ti2O5
HS Code- 28419000



Characteristics Requirements Typical Results
TiO2% 70 (min) 72
K2O% 17-20 18
Na2O% 0.05(max) Traces
Sulphur% 0.03(max) 0.03
Moisture% 5.0(max) 4.5
Phosphorous Traces Traces
Residue on 45 microns (325 mesh IS sieve) 5.0(max) 4.28