It is a high-quality TiO2 pigment having desirable properties such as high brightness, tinting strength, good colour, and excellent dispersion for consistent optical performance.
It conforms to IS 411:2020 standards.


This is a pigment form of TiO2. The characteristics are suitable for both aqueous and non-aqueous media. Suitable for use in interior paints, paper, plastics, linoleum, rubber, leather, furnishings, soap and cosmetics, and other applications.

Chemical name

Titanium dioxide – TiO2
Crystalline structure – Anatase
No surface coating.
CAS No- 1317-70-7




Characteristics Requirement Typical result
Volatile matter at 1050C 0.5 % (max) 0.20
Residue on 45 micron (325 mesh IS sieve) 0.10 % (max) 0.05
Oil absorption 15 - 30%  22.04
Colour in Oil Close match to the approved sample Close Match
Reducing power Not inferior to the approved sample Not Inferior
Relative density at 27ºC 3.7 – 3.9 3.76
Matter soluble in water 0.50 % (max) 0.4
pH of 20% pigment slurry in distilled water 6 - 8 7.3
Titanium dioxide 98.0% (min) 98.25
Fe 170 ppm (max) 84
P2O5 0.50% (max) 0.30