TTPL is planning to set up an industrial unit for manufacturing Red, Black and Yellow Iron Oxide pigments from Ferrous Sulphate solution, the industrial effluent from the main plant. The proposed unit is a Green Field Project .The Plant is expected to be commissioned by 2025.
The plant will have a capacity of 27 Tonnes per day, which includes Red, Black and Yellow Iron oxides.


Iron oxides are inorganic synthetic paints with high pigmentary properties like dispersibility and tinting strength. They are used paints and coatings, ceramics, paper, cement colours, rubber, and construction materials. Building material industry consumes the largest quantity.

Chemical name

Iron Oxide – FeO
Red Oxide- CAS No- 1309-37-1
Black Oxide- CAS No- 1317-61-9
Yello Oxide- CAS No- 51274-00-1