Road markings are the silent custodians of road safety in this era of four and six lane highways. Thermoplastic coatings are homogeneous dry mixtures of binder resins, plasticizers, glass beads, pigments, and fillers. Thermoplastic road marking paints are quick-drying, durable, wear resistance, strong and reflective at night features etc.


Ajantox- RM-W is a high-quality thermoplastic coating dry mixture containing Ajantox titanium dioxide, suitable for road markings in bituminous and concreate roads, high ways, parking areas etc
Ajantox RM-W was tested and certified by National Test House, Kolkata, Govt. of India. It is also included as an “Approved Make” in PWD road works in Kerala State.

Chemical name

Thermoplastic coating dry mixture with 10% titanium dioxide.
Standard-MORTH 803.4.1



Characteristics Requirement Typical result
Colour White White
Binder 18% 18%
Titanium Dioxide 10% 10%
Glass Beads 30-40% 32%
Calcium carbonate & inert fillers 42% max. 40%
Luminescence Factor, Day light 65 %min 85%
Drying time Not more than 15 min Less than 5 minutes
Crackling resistance when applied on concrete blocks Material shall not show cracks when applied on concrete blocks Satisfactory. The material shows no cracks on application to concrete blocks and kept at 0° C for 72 hours
Softening point 102+/-9.5° C 105° C
Flow resistance Not more than 25% Satisfactory. No change in height of cone.