TTPL is planning to set up an industrial unit for manufacturing value-added products of TiO2 manufactured. The products include Catalytic TiO2, Colored Inorganic Pigments, Lithium Titanate, and Pearl Pigments. The proposed unit is a Green Field Project. The Plant will be commissioned by 2025.
The plant will have a capacity of manufacturing 1.75 Tonnes of colored inorganic pigments per day.


Suggested applications include RPVC, polyolefin, engineering resins, paints and coatings including general industrial applications, coils and extrusion coatings.

Chemical name

C,I Pigment yellow 53- Nickel antimony titanium yellow- (Ti,Ni,Sb)O2
C.I pigment green 50- Co/Ti/Ni/Zn-oxide
C.I pigment brown 24- Chromium antimony titanium buff rutile- (Ti, Cr, Sb)O2
C.I Pigment blue 28- Cobalt Aluminate Blue – Spinel- CoAl2O4