Travancore Titanium Products Limited recognizes that the safety of our employees, contract workers, third parties and visitors is vital to our business success. SAFETY is integrated with our business process spanning peoples, process system and technologies and facilities. Safety is driven through top management commitment and visible leadership across all levels.
Our main objectives are:

1. Provide safe & healthy working environment to all employees and maintain high degree of safety standards in all the factory installations right from the design stage to the disposal stage.
2. Create and maintain safety consciousness to all employees and neighboring citizens by way of safety education, training, safety awareness programs and all other possible means.
3. Take all possible steps to prevent any potential disaster like occur in the course of employment apart from being vigilant and prepared for emergencies and maintain a healthy environment.
4. Ensure strict compliance of all rules and regulations with respect to Safety, Health and Environment protection.


All operations are preformed systematically by implementing a series of fatality prevention directives. The directives are based upon major causes of fatalities and encompass hazard identification, risk assessment and control, training and maintenance and emergency procedures.
Our Health and Safety Policy has been rolled out across all operations and has been included as a key responsibility in line management and business performance. Clear organizational accountabilities are supported by a robust program of training, communication and Risk Management process.
A systematic reporting system enables the top management to evaluate the overall direction and efficiency of the health and safety system and to develop strategies for improving it.
Regular audits (both internal and external) ensure that all legal regulations/standards are implemented and complied with.


  1. Protective Equipments: Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) rules applicable to a given task must be adhered to at all times.
  2. Isolation Procedure: Isolation, lock-out procedures must always be followed.
  3. No Alcohols or Drugs: No Person may work, if under influence of alcohol/drug.
  4. Reporting Culture: All injuries and incidents must be reported.
  5. Statutory Compliances: Compliance of all applicable legal and other requirements.
  6. Employee Participation: Involve all employees in the implementation of this Policy and provide appropriate training.
  7. Social Responsibility: Adopting safe operating practices with an emphasis on social accountability.
  8. Behavioral Changes: Inculcate safety as a personal value through behavioral intervention at all levels, recognition of positive behavior and continuous correction of unsafe behavior.
    The company expects all employees to co-operate and ensure active involvement in all activities connected with the different accident prevention programs and to co-operate with the neighboring society and extend all possible efforts to prevent and contain any disaster in case of occurrence in the factory, in spite of all safety precautions and measures.
    As a matter of safety policy, employees are also expected to shoulder personal as well as collective responsibilities in order to achieve our safety objectives towards an accident free work environment.


We, Travancore Titanium Products limited, are committed to protect the health of our employees, contractors, subcontractors, transporters and other stakeholders involved with our activities. We aim at high standards of Occupational Health practices through our commitment and action towards continual improvement of occupational health by arranging for:

 Total involvement of our workers including both permanent and contract employees.
 Informing, educating, training and retraining our employees.
 Accountability by supervisors for the health and safety of workers under their supervision.
 Conducting health risk assessments for periodical assessment of the status of health and safety and taking all remedial measures.
 Compliance with health legislation and regulations and other requirements to which we subscribe.
 Committed to create safe work environment through prevention of occupational illness and incidents by managing risks at workplace.


Protection of environment is of prime concern and a core business value for Travancore Titanium products Ltd. With a leading role in the Chemical industry, TTPL is conscious of its responsibility towards the needs of the communities in which it operates by creating, maintaining and ensuring a safe and clean environment for sustainable development.
In particular, TTPL is committed to:

  1. Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and conditions granted in environmental and forest authority’s clearances, as well as take any additional measures considered necessary to go beyond compliance.
  2. Implement an environmental compliance management process to capture deviations and report the deviations observed to the management.
  3. Follow an international environmental management system, governance process with clearly defined responsibilities in order to achieve continual improvement and communicate environmental performance to the stakeholders.
  4. Design new facilities and conduct operations with preventive approach and industry best practices to avoid adverse impacts to the human health and the environment.
  5. Conservation of natural resources and efficient use of it, in all our operations.
  6. Take appropriate measures to prevent environmental incidences and maximize recycle to reduce wastes, discharges and emissions.
  7. Promote tree plantation, green surrounding and protection of biodiversity in our factory surroundings to maintain harmony with nature.
  8. Ensure appropriate training and awareness on environmental systems, procedures, best practices and shared responsibility towards environmental protection among employee and all other stake holders.