TTPL is planning to set up an industrial unit for manufacturing value-added products of TiO2 manufactured. The products include Catalytic TiO2, Colored Inorganic Pigments, Lithium Titanate, and Pearl Pigments. The proposed unit is a Green Field Project. The Plant will be commissioned by 2025.
Pearlescent pigment delivers superior whiteness, brilliance and coverage with extraordinary optical effects ranging from a fine-grained lustre to a bold silvery white sparkle. In the application medium, they may have a pearlescent iridescent lustre.
The plant will have a capacity of manufacturing 70 Tonnes of Pearlescent Pigments per day.


Pearlescent pigment are non-toxic, inert, and can be mixed into virtually any viscous, transparent medium and applied to any surface. The variety of finishes pearl can produce is nearly endless from metallic sheens to pearlescent shimmers to all manner of faux finishes. Pearl fine pigments possess physical stability and can be used in water based, solvent based paints and powder coatings.
In plastics, the best luster, brightness, and colour intensity occurs with particle size of 10 to 40 microns. Smaller platelets impart a smooth, silky luster and larger ones confer sparkle and glitter. Mica based pearlescent pigment can be used in nearly all thermoplastics and most processes. It can also be incorporated in many thermosets, including unsaturated polyester, acrylic, urethane, and epoxy.
Beside plastics, paints, pearlescent pigments are used in textile printing, paper coatings and cosmetic applications.

Chemical name

Pearlescent Pigment- Mixture of TiO2 (40 to 57%) + Mica (43 to 60%)