It is a cost-effective TiO2 pigment supplied for applications like paints, plastics, ceramics, detergents, PVC Flooring, artificial leather, etc.


Anatase-ISI passes through eleven quality tests for ISI certification. If the material falls short of any of these parameters, we grade it as GP. Equivalent to Anatase-ISI, it is offered as a cost-effective pigment for use in non-decorative Paints, Distemper, Ceramics, Tiles, Cement Paints and Rubber Products, etc.

Name of Chemical : Titanium Dioxide, Anatase


Characteristics Requirement Typical result
Volatile matter at 105ºC 0.50 (max) 0.25
Residue on 45 micron (325 mesh IS sieve) 0.50 % (max) 0.05
Oil absorption 15 -30% 23
Colour in Oil Better to Sl. Inferior Sl.inferior
Reducing power Better to Sl. Inferior Sl.inferior
Relative density at 27ºC 3.7 – 3.9 3.76
Water soluble matter 0.70 % (max) 0.5
pH of 20% pigment slurry in distilled water 5.5 - 8.5   7.5
Titanium Dioxide 97.50% (min) 98.0