It is a high-quality TiO2 pigment that provides high brightness, opacity, and tinting strength as well as good dispersibility for consistent optical performance and is suitable for interior paint applications. It is supplied for applications like Ink also.


This is a pigment form of TiO2 having desirable properties such as high brightness, tinting strength, good colour, excellent dispersion. The characteristics are suitable for both aqueous and non aqueous media. Suitable for use in paints, paper, plastics, linoleum, rubber, leather, furnishings, soap and cosmetics, and other applications.

Name of Chemical : Titanium Dioxide (ISI Grade)


Characteristics Requirement Typical result
Volatile matter at 105ºC 0.5 % (max) 0.20
Residue on 45 micron (325 mesh IS sieve) 0.10 % (max) 0.05
Oil absorption 15 - 30%   22.04
Colour in Oil Close match to the approved sample Close Match
Reducing power Not inferior to the approved sample Not Inferior
Relative density at 27ºC 3.7 – 3.9 3.76
Matter soluble in water 0.50 % (max) 0.4
pH of 20% pigment slurry in distilled water 6 - 8 7.3
Titanium dioxide 98.0% (min) 98.25
Fe 170 ppm (max) 84
P2O5 0.50% (max) 0.30