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Open Tenders

  Annual contract for Rubber lining works for different equipments in TiO2 plant, NP and Acid plant.new 06.04.2018 Tender
  Tender Notice: Construction of Soak pit (Honey comb) for disposing waste water from the Canteennew 06.04.2018 Tender
  Structural repairing and connected works of Mechanical workshop and old generator house near Electrical workshop 03.04.2018 Tender
  MS Structural repairing, painting, and connected work of Compressor house. 03.04.2018 Tender
  Condensate recovery System comprising of condensate transfer pump, flash vessel and other necessary equipments for collection of flash steam along with discharged condensate.  06.04.2018 Tender
1  Tender Notice: Hand sawing of Timper Logs  27.02.2018 Tender
2 Tender Notice: Annual contract for unloding and loading of store Materials 06.03.2018 Tender
3 Tender Notice: Supply of Mono Ammonium Phosphate  16.03.2018 Tender
4 Tender Notice: Supply of Calcium Carbonate  09.03.2018 Tender
5 Tender Notice:Repairing work of BP Mill Carrier  23.02.2018 Tender
6 Re- Tender Notice:Updation of site Plan and permit document preparation  23.02.2018 Tender
7 Tender Notice:Supply of Zinc Oxide  05.03.2018 Tender
8 Tender Notice:Semi Automatic Packing station- CRP 27.02.2018 Tender
9 Supply of Calcium Hydroxide 27.02.2018 Tender
10 Expression of Interest   31.01.2018 Tenders
  Vendor Registration