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Open Tenders


  Description Due Date Download Link
  Implement VFD system for post precipitation Filtrate tank & Dorr Tank overflow pumping tank 07.04.2020 Tender
  SAP Turbine Lubricating oil cooler reconditioning 07.04.2020 Tender
  Providing VFD Control for filter drum drive Motor    07.04.2020 Tender
  Re-routing of feed line to flash mixer a tank Feed line 31.03.2020 Tender
  Extension of effluent drain towards sea shore     31.03.2020 Tender
  Tender Notice:  “False ceiling work in Training Department” 24.03.2020 Tender
  Tender Notice:    “Cleaning, recharging and related works in ADT and IPAT” 20.03.2020 Tender
  Tender Notice:  Service for obtaining NOC from Airport authority of India for height clearance of existing buildings/stacks, about ten numbers (approx) 26.03.2020 Tender
  Supply of Aluminium powder 17.03.2020 Tender
  Supply of HDPE Bags 24.03.2020 Tender
  Hiring JCB for Heaping and Feeding of Ilmenite and Sulphur to the Silo for a period of one year 20.03.2020 Tender
  Conducting comprehensive Investment grade Energy Efficiency Audit 17.03.2020 Tender
  Construction of a Guest House GFRG panels 20.03.2020 Tender
  e-Tender: Construction of Vacuum Evaporation Plant Building at Travancore Titanium Products Ltd., 24.03.2020 Tender
  e-Tender: Construction of Spillage Sump, Pump Foundations and Other Allied Civil works 24.03.2020 Tender
  e-Tender: Construction of Internal Road and Drain 24.03.2020 Tender
  Tender Notice: Reclamation of Lead from the damaged lead parts in General stores yard 20.03.2020 Tender
  Tender Notice: Repairing damaged portion of compound wall around 5 acre land. 13.03.2020 Tender
  Tender Notice: Providing 52 Nos. of domestic KWA water connections to the people living near TTPL's effluent discharge canal.  10.03.2020 Tender
  Corrigendum:   “Flooring works in Neutralization plant” 03.03.2020 Tender
  Tender  Notice:   “Cutting Branches of  Trees” 03.03.2020 Tender
  Tender Notice: Repairing of drain near Na2CO3 storage building in NP.  25.02.2020 Tender
  Tender Notice: Construction of Garden near HR department & Training hall.  25.02.2020 Tender
  Disposal Notice:  “Disposal of unusable press filter  Cloth from General Stores” 03.03.2020 Tender
  Tender Notice   “Thickness testing of acid storage tanks” 28.02.2020