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Open Tenders



Tender Notice: Design and detailing of new Press Filter building in NP

29.09.2020 Tender

Tender Notice: Extension of Effluent Drain towards Sea shore

06.10.2020 Tender
  Annual contract for Milling and Roasting of Soaked rice 800 Kgs. (approx) per month for our Canteen. 09.10.2020 Tender

Annual Contract for transportation of Gypsum from Travancore Titanium Products Limited, Kochuveli, Thiruvananthapuram to M/s. Malabar Cements at Cherthala

12.10.2020 Tender
  Implementation of Fire Protection System in the Production unit of Sanitizer. 28.09.202 Tender
Renovation of Toilets in Three Shift Mechanical building & Manger (Production) building.
01.10.2020 Tender
  Supply and laying vitrified floor tiles in Manager (Mech.) and Manager (Prodn.)building . 28.09.2020 Tender
  Laying Interlocks in front of Sanitizer building. 28.09.2020 Tender
  Disposal of unusable MS bins from General Stores. Approx. Qty: 2 Tonnes. 29.09.2020


  Disposal of fire wood near the Canteen (Approximate 6000 Kg.) 25.09.2020 Tender
   Electrical works for the Neutralization Plant at TTPL, Trivandrum. 12.10.2020


  Consultancy Services for APCP installation at TTPL. 12.10.2020 Tender
   Annual contract for Cleaning of Sulphur filter in SAP and transferring the Sulphur muck to the dumping yard. 29.09.2020 Tender
  Hiring JCB/Hitachi for loading materials (Ilmenite sludge, Sulphur muck etc.) to Tipper and other Housekeeping works. 15.09.2020 Tender
  Painting Three shift Mechanical building, Manager (Mech.) & Manager (Prodn.) buildings. 25.09.2020 Tender
  Civil work for Interlock making Unit 25.09.2020 Tender
  Maintenance works in Precipitation floor. 18.09.2020 Tender
  Replacing damaged AC sheets inside & outside TiO2 plant 18.09.2020 Tender
  Replacing the Plates of Press filter 'E' in NP. 22.09.2020 Tender
  Supply and lining of bricks above 7m in Calciner 4 Hood. 25.09.2020 Tender
  "Corrigendum: Reconditioning of BP Mill Carrier" 18.09.2020 Tender
  Demolition of reinforced Cement Concrete Support and foundation in Old plant area. 11.09.2020 Tender
  Operation of Veli pump house and pumping water from Veli lake to the Floor tank in TTPL campus. 11.09.2020 Tender
  Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 8 nos. of IP based CCTV camera and its accessories for the surveillance of Sanitizer plant 11.09.2020 Tender
  Conducting Annual Medical Check-up for TTPL Employees. 15.09.2020 Tender
  Fabrication of MS Staircase, Platform and supports for proposed sanitizer building. 08.09.2020 Tender
  Fabrication of roof truss for Sanitizer building. 08.09.2020 Tender
  Supply and fixing of Aluminium partition and doors in Manager (Mech.) room. 08.09.2020 Tender
  Design vetting of Basin foundation for SAP Cooling tower. 08.09.2020 Tender
  Demolition of reinforced Cement Concrete Support and foundations in Old Plant area. 27.08.2020 Tender
  Masonry works for sanitizer building. 28.08.2020 Tender
  Tender Notice: Reconditioning of BP Mill carrier. 08.09.2020 Tender
  Expression of Interest (EOI) for establishing Gypsum Filtration System in Neutralisation Plant in TTPL 15.09.2020 Tender
  Grass & Bush cutting works inside TTPL Campus. 25.08.2020 Tender
  Flooring works in NP. 19.08.2020 Tender
  Providing cover slab for drain through 1.5 acre land. 18.08.2020 Tender
  Supply & Lining of Bricks above 7m in Calciner 4 Hood. 21.08.2020 Tender
Fixing 1 No. 8" Steam Valve in Sulphuric Acid plant Superheater outlet header
21.08.2020 Tender
  Clearing materials from various Transporter's godown 21.08.2020 Tender
  Design, supply and installation of one number of Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) in our Titanium Dioxide plant 28.08.2020 Tender 
  Construction of Kerb wall at the main road side along Neutralization plant. 14.08.2020 Tender
  Annual contract for Milling of soaked rice 800 Kgs (approx) per month for TTPL 14.08.2020 Tender
  Disposal of Scrap CPUs, Monitors, Printers and Peripherals etc. 14.08.2020 Tender
  Disposal of damaged Copper sheets and tubes. 14.08.2020 Tender
  Re-Tender Notice: Design vetting of Basin foundation for SAP Cooling tower 20.08.2020 Tender
  Implement VFD system for Post Precipitation Filtrate tank & Dorr tank overflow pumping tank. 14.08.2020 Tender
  Reconditioning of BP Mill Carrier. 14.08.2020 Tender
  Annual contract for Sodium Carbonate Solution preparation. 11.08.2020 Tender
  Supply of MS Structural. 07.08.2020 Tender
  Annual Contract for Pigment  Packing 07.08.2020 Tender
  Supply of 66 KV SF 6 Circuit Breaker Make: ALSTOM/SIEMENS. 07.08.2020 Tender
  Sale and disposal of 100 MT MS scrap materials. 04.08.2020 Tender
  Sale and disposal of Acid storage tank No. G as scrap. 04.08.2020 Tender
  Fabrication, supply, loading, transportation of one number of filter drum as per TTPL drawing. 04.08.2020 Tender
  Fabrication of new over head KWA 07.082020 Tender
  Supply of Vegetables for a period of three months. 31.07.2020 Tender
  Construction of Vaccum Evaporation Plant Building 04.08.2020 Tender
  Construction of Internal Roads and Drains 04.08.2020 Tender
  Construction of Drain pits, Drain and Acid Resisitant tile works. 04.08.2020 Tender
  Operation of Canteen in 24 Hrs x 7 days basis 01.08.2020 Tender
  Spot supply of Food items. 01.08.2020 Tender