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Open Tenders


  Description Due Date Download Link
  Tender Notice: “Hand Sawing of Timber Logs ” 01.10.2019 Tender
  Gypsum Transfer   Tender Notice :  “Hiring JCB & Tipper Lorry for transfer and Heaping of Gypsum” 24.09.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice:  “ Manufacturing Concrete Solid bricks of size 16*8*6 "  27.09.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice: “ Replacing the APT Bottom Plate  and Shell plate upto 600 mm in Sulphuric  Acid Plant” 01.10.2019 Tender
  E- Tender “Transportation of Gypsum” 03.10.2019 Tender
  E-Tender “Press Filter - NP” 09.10.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice: Repairing Steel structurals of Ilmenite godown. 24.09.2019 Tender
  E-Tender   “Transferring Sludge from press filter discharge of  Tio2 plant ” 08.10.2019 Tender
  E-Tender : Supply, Fabrication, Erection, Testing and commissioning of 1600 MT capacity Sulphuric Acid Storage Tank.  01.10.2019 Tender
  E- Tender : Supply of one No. Filter Drum as per TTP’s Drawing . 04.10.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice: “Supply of Fish for a period of three Months.” 20.09.2019 Tender
  "Construction of New Maintenance free Earth Pit at TTPL Campus."   20.09.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice: Construction of Dining room above MFRO building in NP. 24.09.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice   " Replacing the Gas Ducts in Sulpuric Acid Plant" 17.09.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice    “Painting of Steel Structures of Sulphur Godown.”   17.09.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice   “Painting of Steel Structures of Digester Area.” 17.09.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice   “Painting of Steel Structures of NP.” 17.09.2019 Tender
  “Replacing Damaged Asbestos Cement Sheet inside & outside of  TiO2  Plant” 06.09.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice :  “Providing LAN to Neutralization  Plant.” 27.08.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice :     “Design of CaCo3 Silo  Supporting  Structure”  27.08.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice :       “Replacing the APT Bottom Plate upto 600 mm in Sulphuric Acid Plant” 22.08.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice :    “ Construction of New Maintenance Free Earth  Pit at TTPL Campus ” 22.08.2019 Tender
  Re- Tender Notice   “Regularization of Buildings in   TTPL campus “ 27.08.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice :      “ MANUFACTURING  2000  No’s  CONCRETE  SOLID  BRICKS  OF  SIZE  16*8*6  FOR  TTPL”   20.08.2019 Tender
  Tenter Notice:  Painting of Steel structural’s of Digester Area. 20.08.2019 Tender
  Tenter Notice: Painting of Steel structural’s of Neutralization Plant. 16.08.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice :     Replacing  the Gas Ducts in Sulphuric Acid Plant. 22.08.2019 Tender

E-Tender Notice :  Supply of Calcium Hydroxide Powder

20.08.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice :   “ MANUFACTURING  2000  Nos  CONCRETE  SOLID BRICKS  OF  SIZE  16*8*6  FOR  TTPL”  09.08.2019 Tender
  Tenter Notice :      Annual Contract for sulphur Filter Cleaning  in SAP  06.08.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice :Heat Insulation lagging of ducts, pipeline & vessels in Acid plant, Tio2 Plant, ESP etc  06.08.2019 Tender
  e-tender Notice:Annual Contract for Rubber lining works for different equipments in TiO2 plant NP and Acid plant             16.08.2019 Tender
  Re-Tender Notice:   Providing White Metal Lining to 3 nos of worn out bearings. 09.08.2019 Tender
  Re-Tender Notice: Cutting and removing CaCO3 Silo: 100 MT Capacity and it's structures in NP.  30.07.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice: Supply, erection and commissioning of one nos of Electronic weigh bridge 60MT 06.08.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice :   Regularization of Buildings in TTPL Campus. 30.07.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice :   Fire hydrant pipe line fabrication and erection work 30.07.2019 Tender

Tender Notice : Painting of Steel structures of Sulphur godown. 

26.07.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice : Painting of Steel structural of Packing shed area (Old & New) 26.07.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice :   Supply and Installation of One No. of Particle Size Analyser 02.08.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice : Repairing of Sulphur waste dump yard and drain near West Entrance of Neutralization Plant 26.07.2019 Tender
  Annual Contract For Conditioning monitoring of Power Transformer Oil 26.07.2019 Tender

E-Tender Notice : E- Tender For Press Filter for Neutralization Plant

02.08.2019 Tender

 Tender Notice : Annual Contract For Conditioning monitoring of Power Transformer Oil.

26.07.2019 Tender