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TRAVANCORE TITANIUM PRODUCTS LIMITED incorporated in 18th December 1946 in collaboration with British Titan Products, UK (Huntsman).  by the vision of Maharaja of Travancore His Highness late Sri. Chithira Thirunal Balaramavarma Maharaja, who visualized the industrialization of his kingdom by unearthing the rich mineral deposits in the beach sands near Quilon.

TTPL started production of Titanium Dioxide through sulphate Route in 1951. The installed capacity of the plant was 1800 tons per annum (i.e. 5 tons per day). Full swing production started from 1.1.1954. The company started its first expansion programme in 1957 for doubling the annual production capacity from 1800 to 3600 tones (5 to 10 tons per day – 1800 tones Rutile & 1800 tones Anatase). TTPL was taken over by Government of Kerala in 1960. A Research & Development wing was set up in the company in 1961. Industrial License for 50 MTs per day expansion was obtained in July 1961. It was proposed to produce Rutile Grade and Anatase Grade side by side. Next expansion from 10 to 18 tons per day was completed in October 1963. However, the Rutile production was temporarily discontinued in 1963.  Government approved the expansion programme for producing 50 tons per day in 1967. The sole selling agency agreement with Ms. TTK & Co. which has been in existence since 1954 was terminated on 30.06.1970 from which date TTP took over the sale directly. The next expansion programme to 24,500 tons per annum in 1973. KSIPTC was appointed as the sole selling agents with effect from 1st March 1979. Marketing of Titanium Dioxide is now done by TTPL itself. Conversion of Sulphuric Acid Plant into DCDA technology by FEDO on a turnkey basis at a cost of Rs. 193. 69 lakhs was inaugurated on 13.09.1980. The DCDA project started in 1980 was commissioned in June 1984. Order for constructing a new 300 tons per day Sulphuric acid plant with the latest emission control devices awarded to M/s. DMCC on 2110-1993 at a cost of 24.42 crores. The plant was commissioned on 29 March 1996. 1998. Provided secured landfill facility for hazardous waste disposal Production of Rutile grade Titanium Dioxide by in-house technology was started in 2001. 2002. ISO 9002:1994 Certification.

In 2003 TTPL started direct marketing & entered into the export market. 2004. ISO 9001:2000Certification. 2010. ISO 9001:2008 Certification.


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