TTPL is planning to set up an industrial unit for manufacturing value-added products of TiO2 manufactured. The products include Catalytic TiO2, Colored Inorganic Pigments, Lithium Titanate, and Pearl Pigments. The proposed unit is a Green Field Project. The Plant will be commissioned by 2025.
Lithium Titanate is the new generation anode component for the fast-recharging lithium titanate battery in electric Vehicles. TTPL is part of a consortium launched by the State Government of Kerala for developing Electric Vehicles in the state.
The plant will have a capacity of producing 1.75 Tonnes of Lithium Titanate per day.


Lithium titanate is the anode component of the fast-recharging lithium titanate battery. Lithium titanate may also be used as an additive in porcelain enamels and ceramic insulating bodies based on titanate.

Chemical name

Lithium Titanate – Li2TiO3
CAS Number 12031-82-2